Ekaterinburg, 8 Marta St., 21

+7 (343) 2222-44-5



Airport, train & bus station

Koltsovo International Airport is the largest regional airport in Russia.

Koltsovo is admitted to be the best airport of Russia many times.

Over 30 Russian and foreign airlines connect Ekaterinburg with more than 80 cities of the world and through convenient hubs with almost all the globe.

You can get to the airport by public transport: buses № 1,01 ("Airport Koltsovo" stop) or Express Airtrain from railway station.

1 Bakhchivandzhi Sq.

Information: 8 (800) 1000-333







                                                                                                                                        Railway station operates in all directions.


"Ekaterinburg-Passazhirskiy" is a station of Trans-Siberian railway, all direction trains pass through city.

Suburban trains ticket offices are located in the old building, and you can find ticket offices for long-distance trains in the new building. To get to the Railway station you can use public transport:

Trams № 3, 21 ("Zheleznodorozhny vokzal" stop)

Trolleys № 1, 3, 5, 9,11,15,17, 18, 19 ("Marins Park Hotel" stop)

Buses № 1,21,23,31, 045, 48, 052, 57, 60, 082 ("Zheleznodorozhny vokzal" stop)

Metro station "Uralskaya"

22 Vokzalnaya St. Information: +7 (343) 370-70-13










Severny (North) Bus Station offers a variety of suburban and intercity routes in all directions. You can buy your ticket up to 10 days prior to departure; booking service is available through telephone information service or Internet. The bus station is located near Railway station and metro station "Uralskaya". On the territory of the North Bus Station you will find: fast food, stores, and kiosks with city press.

To get to the North Bus Station you can use public transport:

Buses № 012, 13,15, 60, 57А, 082 ("Vokzalnaya" stop)

 Metro station "Uralskaya"  

15a Vokzalnaya St.     Information: +7 (343) 379-09-09,  385-68-58



Yuzhny (South) Bus Station offers different intercity routes within Sverdlovsk Oblast and to other regions. You can buy tickets either on the day of departure or in advance. There are waiting-lounge, cafe and ATM inside the bus station building.

To get to the South Bus Station you can use public transport:

Trams № 1,4, 9, 14,15, 25, 27 ("Avtovokzal" stop)

Trolleys № 11,14 ("Avtovokzal" stop)

Buses № № 05, 011,12, 014, 016, 018, 019, 23, 030, 37, 38, 039,42, 047, 50, 54, 056, 57, 083 ("Avtovokzal" stop)

Metro station "Chkalovskaya" 145, 8MartaSt.

Information: +7 (343) 257-12-60