In 1882 at the request of Ekaterinburg bourgeois Aleksandrov G.M. and upon the project of architect Reutov M.L. two two-storey semi-stone houses were erected next to the famous Stone bride. The houses had rooms for travelers, a confectioners shop, a bakery with a tavern. In 1884 the houses were connected between each other and an enlargement was annexed to the central part of the southern facade.

Address: Malysheva St. 56

Здание фотоателье

Здание фотоателье построено в 1924-1926 гг. на средства фотохудожников Ф.С. Мурдасова и А.Ф. Кузнецова. На проектных чертежах, утвержденных в апреле 1924 г., стоят подписи городского инженера Вагичева и заведующего проектным отделом Чиконцева.

Address: Malysheva St. 58a

Residential complex “the second house of municipal government”

Complex “ The Second House of Municipal Government” was built under order of KGB by special construction bureau from 1930 to 1932, architects I. Antonov, V. Sokolov. Another name of the complex is “Zhilkombinat NKVD”.

Address: 8 Marta St. 2 / Volodarskogo St., 6


As of 1889 the corner site of the given quarter belonged to merchant Nabatov S.V. heritors. Later on it was purchased by merchant Atamanov V.Y. who in 1893 built here a three-storey stone building – a rental (как сказала Вирджиния) /apartment (как в руководстве) house (доходный дом) where there used to be a hotel, a book shop “Polza” and a ready-to-wear-shop “Paris chic”. The architect was Cherdantsev A.I.

Address: Vaynera St., 6


The house was built between 1856 and 1880 and is the main house in merchant of the 2 Guild Atamanov’s mansion. As of 1889 the mansion consisted of a two-storey stone house, outhouses and a banya. The house had furnished accomodations and a wine cellar. In the beginning of the 20 century the building was rented by a private girl’s high school of the 2-nd rate named after Rumyantseva A.E. and by 1912 has become a private gymnasium.

Address: Vaynera St., 2

Merchants agafurovs’ house (28, sakko i vanzetti st.)

Was built from 1896 to 1898 by architect U. Dutel This two-storeyed wooden house with a stone basement is located in the west part of the city, on Sakko i Vanzetti (former Usoltsevskaya) street. Presently the house is located close to modern multistoried buildings. The owners of the mansion sold high-quality goods (fruits, tobacco, silver and gold jewelry, watches, perfumes, shoes, supplies for hunt and office not only in Ekaterinburg but also in Perm, Tyumen, Irbit and later on in Moscow and even Warsaw. With the help of Agafurov family the first cycling ground and a skate rink on the city embankment were established.

Address: Sacco i Vanzetti St., 28

Merchants agafurovs’ house (24, sakko i vanzetti st.)

The main house of Agafurov’s family mansion is located in the central district of the city on Sakko i Vanzetti street. In 1891 merchants in the second Guild, Agafurov brothers bought an estate land together with several buildings on it. This mansion estate consisted of a semi-stone house and a logged two-storeyed house with a small tower in the corner and between there was a one-storeyed outhouse with a gallery adjacent to it.

Address: Sacco i Vanzetti St., 24


During the 19 century the mansion used to belong to the merchant in the third Guild Drozhilov A.V and his descendants.

Address: Lenina Ave. 7/Sheynkmana St., 31

Buildings of ekaterinburg non-classical secondary school named after alexey

Ekaterinburg non-classical secondary school named after Alexey was found in 1873 at the initiative of the mayor, mountain engineer Grammatchikov V.A. and with sponsorship of Kamishlov and Ekaterinburg municipalities, Ekaterinburg and Verkh-Iset plants.

Address: Lenina Ave., 13, 13B; Sacco i Vanzetti St., 41

Ekaterinburg state bank building

A two-storey stone house was built behind the Moscow gateway, in the beginning of the main city avenue and especially for the newly opening Ekaterinburg branch of the State Bank. Stylistically it belongs to the late classicism style. Author of the project – architect Malakhov M.P., it was built in 1830-ies.

Address: Lenina Ave. 6a, 6B


The building of the plant was constructed in 1916. The project author is unknown. The founder and the initial constructor was the head of the plant, a mining engineer Baraboshkin N.N. And the investor was Nikolo-Pavdinskoye joint-stock company.

Address: Lenina ave. 8


The mansion planning and construction took place during the first half of the 19 century. Originally the mansion included the house itself, a gate and a subsidiary building but in the second half of the 19 century it was rebuilt because of the new city-planning obligations laid upon all mansions facing the main avenue. Around 1880-ies the house was widened and a new main entrance appeared on Glavniy (“the main”) Prospect (nowadays Lenina street)

Address: Lenina ave. 16