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Ekaterinburg for Children


The famous building of Ekaterinburg Circus, one of the best in Europe, is well visible from different parts of the city. The tracery dome of reinforced concrete holds the inner operational circus dome with 50 m long steel wire ropes. Its unique structure was designed in the early 1960s by Nikolay Nikitin (the designer of Ostankino television tower) and Yulian Schwarzbreim, architects from the Central Research Institute of Experimental Design of Entertainment and Sport Facilities. Today, performances of the local troupe and visiting artists given here, have children sit open-mouthed in amazement and delight. If you are lucky enough to attend the shows of the International Clown Festival, organized in Ekaterinburg since 2008 in November, the event is guaranteed to give you and your children a charge of positive emotions that will last for a year. In the history of world circus Ekaterinburg is the first and only organizer of such festival.

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Mayakovsky Central Park

A family-friendly place beloved by residents of Ekaterinburg. Here you can find entertainment for all tastes and for all ages at any time of the year — from classic carousels with horses and reindeer for kids to extreme swings and the free-fall tower for older visitors. And, of course, there’s a Ferris wheel. Mayakovsky Central Park is open for visitors all year round. In winter, slides of varying heights and a skating rink are installed, ski rental is available. During summer there’s a karting area, amusement rides, The Lost World dinosaur theme park, and Mowgli rope park. Here, one can always just walk along the alleys and trails of the park under pine trees listening to the birds singing.

230 Michurina St.



Ekaterinburg Zoo might not be among the largest — it occupies an area of just two and a half hectares in the center of the city — but it is an absolute favorite among the locals for family fun with children. About 1,400 animals of 380 species are currently living at the zoo, including the beloved by children of all ages Dasha the elephant. There’re also polar bears, Amur tigers, kinkajous, binturongs, and many other animals, birds, and reptiles. Visitors take an active part in the life of the zoo by choosing names for newborn aardvarks, for example, or a responding lively to the actions of Pugovka the hedgehog, who predicts the type of an upcoming spring just as professionally as famous Phil the groundhog.

189 Mamina-Sibiryaka St.
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Sverdlovsk Children's Railway, or Ostrovsky Minor Sverdlovsk Railway, is located in Mayakovsky Central Park of Entertainment and Culture. All posts here — from train drivers to car attendants — are filled by children and teenagers, 5-9 grade students, who study the railways theory in thewinter and during summer get to use this knowledge inpractice. The road consists of four stations with names remaining from the the Soviet times — Tsentralnaya, Solnechnaya, Pionerskaya, Yubileynaya. There is a terminal building with waiting room, ticket office, observation decks, a wint garden, and office space. However, passenger rides in a railway car for the whole family are available only from May to October.

Yalamova st. 2
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Butterfly Park

The park has two halls: exotic animals hall (tropical zone) and a petting zoo, where you can pet and feed the animals.

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Limpopo Aquapark

One of the most popular entertainment complexes in the Capital of the Urals operates since 2005 and since then has opened its doors to several million visitors. The park is designed as stylized tropical island surrounded by water — with palm trees, vines, waterfalls, hanging bridges, aboriginal huts, and a transatlantic liner docked at its shore. Here you can relax with the whole family, even the youngest children.

2 Shcherbakova St.
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Tales Park Educational and Entertainment Complex

Located in the vicinity of Ekaterinburg, the first in the Urals theme park is entirely based on tales of Pavel Bazhov, the author of "The Malachite Box", as well as Russian traditional fairy tales and folk culture of the Urals. Within one day you can visit the cabin of Leshy (wood goblin), Baba Yaga’s hut, the house of a Ural peasant, Danilo the Craftsman’s shop. Make a lucky charm doll, ride a real sleigh horse, and try traditional Russian cuisine. In addition, puppet shows are performed, Bazhov’s tales are told, and old songs are sung. Children won’t want to get off the warm stove with a red cat, and adults will enjoy remembering their own childhood over a cup of herbal tea with homemade cakes.
Aramil, Tales Park
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Fantasy Grad Amusement Park
Children's theme park located in the Grinvich Mall is decorated to resemble a medieval settlement, which has its own king, flag, coat of arms, history and legend. In fact, this is a real city of craftsmen, where children from 5 to 14 under the guidance of experienced animators and teachers can master the basics of one of the thirty professions — from dentist to investigator. There is an observatory and a ballroom, a magician’s room and a captain's cabin, and even a craft shop. Children enjoy making their own pizza, ice cream, and cupcakes, playing musical instruments and singing in pop groups, drawing, and hunting treasures.

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Sverdlovsk Film Studios

Guided tours for children at Sverdlovsk Film Studio offer educational elements, some magic, and a thoughtful show. You can visit the special effects studio or sound studio, learn about the world of cinema and animation, dive into the atmosphere of film industry, or learn the secrets or professional make-up.

50g Lenina Ave.
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Galileo Amusement Park

The only Russian “park of wonders” is located in Sverdlovsk Film Studios building. Two floors of the huge experimental pavilion are filled with various amusements and mechanisms designed to visually and interactively demonstrate physical phenomena and magic tricks. Numerous halls, rooms, and passages are filled with wonders that lead visitors to Europe's largest mirror maze of illusions.

50g Lenina Ave.
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Heroes Park

This amusement park is designed as a meeting place of superheroes, most popular of whom — Batman, Hulk, Thor, and Spiderman — greet the visitors in the form of two meter tall statues, looking almost real, albeit not moving. The visitors are invited to a rope park, climbing wall, laser cube, and a maze. There’re also plenty of game machines and a special area for the youngest kids. The symbol of the park is a magic crystal, which gathered all the superheroes and continues to attract more. Three facets of the crystal are the three main strengths one
can improve here — body, mind, and soul.

46, 8 Marta St.
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Newton Parks

Two unique interactive science museums welcome visitors of all ages to demonstrate mysteries of the universe, scientific laws and principles through game labs and action quests, as well as interaction with unusual instruments, devices and mechanisms. In addition, with the help of interactive exhibits, children and adults can learn about various biological, chemical and physical characteristics of the human body, learn a lot of new and interesting facts about other inhabitants of the Earth and compare themselves to them.

3а Yeltsina St. / 13 Vaynera St.
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Theaters for Children

Ekaterinburg’s theaters for children are places to see fun and educational shows of different genres, as well as performance stages for the city’s youngest artists.

Puppet Theater
143 Mamina-Sibiryaka St.
+7 (343) 235-63-40
Children’s Philharmonic
36, 8 Marta St.
+7 (343) 350-30-05, 350-75-83

Young Spectators’ Theater
48 Karla Liebknechta St.
+7 (343) 388-07-32

Children’s Variety Theater
15, 8 Marta St.
+7 (343) 371-40-56