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The Ekaterinburg CityPass provides tourists with perks, discounts, and special offers, so they can enjoy their time in Ekaterinburg finding a fun exciting, and budget-friendly things to do.

There are more than 80 program members - only the most popular and welcoming places of Ekaterinburg!

The CityPass pack

Along with the plastic card, the CityPass pack includes:

  • The Ekaterinburg CityPass travel guide

In the travel guide you will find everything a visitor to the capital of the Urals might need: information about the 50 key city's  cultural and historical attractions, public transportation, souvenir shops, and useful telephone numbers.

  • Tourist map of Ekaterinburg

Our customized tourist map includes a full-colour image of the  city, a map of the Ekaterinburg subway system, and other helpful information. The map conveniently shows the local  attractions in Ekaterinburg, as well as all the CityPass partnering organizations. The map was created by designers of  the Dikiy Filin Branding Agency and every building depicted on it was hand drawn, making the map a wonderful souvenir of your trip.

  • AR postcard

An AR postcard that reveals the secret history of one of Ekaterinburg's iconic buildings.


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