The main house of the estate was built in 1820 as a hotel for visitors. Today the building is occupied by Ekaterinburg History Museum.

The first half of the 19th century estate consists of a two-storey house with an attic, two-storey stone wing and gates. The oldest structure of the complex is a basement under the wing. The underground structure has rubble walls and a vaulted brick ceiling, which dates it back to the mid-18th century. Initially the basement was used as a cold room to store foods. Today it is one of the oldest remaining underground structures in Ekaterinburg.

The main house of the estate was built by Ekaterinburg postmaster Gavrila Laivashevsky in 1820 as a hotel for visitors. Since 1830 the house belonged to mining engineer Alexander Kachka and his descendants. Kachka’s mining rank in the Table of Ranks equaled that of a major general, hence the historic toponym – General Kachka’s House.

In the 19th century neither the buildings, not the structure of the estate underwent significant changes. General Kachka’s heirs lived in St. Petersburg, and the Ekaterinburg house was rented out. At various times it housed living quarters, saloon and watchmaker’s shop. The ground floor was occupied by Sofia Tikhotskaya’s private library and reading hall.

The building received its current appearance in 1967 after the main house was renovated and rebuilt by architect M. M. Fattahuddinov. Today it is occupied by Ekaterinburg History Museum that was founded in 1992 after the reorganization of the former Yakov Sverdlov museum. In 2004-2005 the building underwent another reconstruction and was significantly expanded.


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