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Vysotskiy Business Center

Another, even more ambitious architectural project is Vysotskiy Business Center. The heirs of the famous poet and musician officially allowed the use of his name for Ekaterinburg skyscraper. There is a museum dedicated to Vladimir Vysotskiy in the building, exhibiting private articles and photos. The main idea of the exhibition is to show landmarks of the poet’s life and career.
Vladimir Vysotskiy visited Ekaterinburg twice: the hotel room where he had stayed during those visits is fully recreated in the museum. Also on display are other unique exhibits: the legendary Mercedes 350 W 116, which belonged to Vladimir Vysotskiy since 1976, and the world's first wax figure of the poet, created by sculptor Alexander Silnitsky especially for this museum.
In addition, not far from the tower there is a monument to the famous poet and the French actress Marina Vlady. The sculptures are of human  height and look very realistic.

However, Vladimir Vysotskiy museum is neither the only, nor the main particularity of the building. Its main characteristic is the fact that Vysotskiy business center is the tallest building and not only in Ekaterinburg. It is considered the northernmost skyscraper of the world. Moreover, the building is included in the Guinness Book of Records in the nomination “The highest multifunctional business center in the Ural-Siberian and Central-Asian regions”. Generally, in Russia outside Moscow there are no similar buildings. Even the name of the business center reflects its height of 198 m and 54 floors.
Vysotskiy is characterized by its unusual structure with no load-bearing walls: the entire load of the building is placed on massive columns. At the same time, the engineering techniques used preclude any vibration: this skyscraper can stand up against a 7-point earthquake.
As many skyscrapers the business center has an observation deck. It is located on the 52 floor, at 186 m altitude. A view of the entire city opens from this place; the panorama stretching upon 25 km. To compare, most visitors to the Eiffel tower look over the city from 115 m height. High ultra-strong glass wall around the deck perimeter guarantees safety despite it being open-air. Every visitor is provided with an audio-guide for independent acquaintance with the city.
Every year Vysotskiy hosts a skyscraper vertical race. It is a unique type of competition held in 160 countries of the world, and since 2013 it has been organized in Ekaterinburg. The competitors must run up 1137 steps and get to the observation deck. The main purpose of the race is to promote healthy life-style. One doesn’t have to be a sportsman to take part in this competition. The only conditions are health and legal age. There are nominations for both men and women, and three prizes in each group. All runners receive memorable souvenirs.

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