As of 1889, the mansion belonged to Moscow merchant Yemelyanov who owned here a manufactory shop. In 1897 Yemelyanov addressed to the City Administration of Ekaterinburg a petition to rebuild the house and it was brought into action by architect Cherdantsev who developed a project in 1897. As a result the house was completed up to two floors and significantly enlarged.

Till 1983 a restaurant “Yermak” was placed here, after that it was abandoned for a long time and reconstructed only in 2000. The house is an example of an apartment house of the end of 19 century Ekaterinburg construction, performed in eclecticism composition forms.


From 1917 to 1934 the building was home to diverse newspaper offices, such as “Uralskiy Rabochiy”, “Na smenu!”, “Krestyanskaya gazeta” and others. In those times the editorials were visited by such famous poets as Demyan Bedniy, Vladimir Mayakovskiy. From February to May, 1927 here worked a writer Gaydar, in the editorial of the regional newspaper “Uralskiy Rabochiy”.