Bazhov's house museum

The museum is located in Bazhov's own house , which a writer built himself. House is more than a hundred years, the museum exhibition was opened to the public 40 years ago.

The museum is unique in that everything in the house is left as in the life of the host. Bazhov Library has about 2,000 copies, many of the books autographed by writers whom Bazhov knew and was friends with them. Near the house is a garden - a garden Bazhov stored under the lime trees, apple trees and lilacs in the garden table where the writer often received his guests. Save and outbuildings (imported).

House converted ceremonial wooden porch and three windows to the street Chapaeva (Bishops), the street Bolshakov (Swamp) - five windows in simple frames. The house includes four bedrooms, the kitchen and the hallway leading to the office of Paul Petrovich, who is also a senior Bazhov bedroom. In the office of Pavel Petrovich she took numerous visitors. The dining room was in a room across from the office.