Semenova's Mansion

the history of the building begins in 1912, when it was completed the construction of one-storey wooden house with a mezzanine. The house was included in the estate, which also included a bath, service the wing, and owner of the manor was the official F. S. Knyazev. Later, the mansion was transferred to property E. A. Semenova.

the architecture of the house is quite remarkable. It combines traditional for the Ural cities type the beginning of the XIX century house with a mezzanine, the augmented characteristic of the late nineteenth century turrets on the roof. The facade is richly decorated with sawn and voluminous thread in which in addition to the eclectic motifs used the techniques of modernism. Also a distinctive detail of the house is considered cut on the roof and an octagonal turret.


the Mansion of E. A. Semenova is located at the intersection of streets Belinskogo and Karl Marx, but in the beginning it was located on Malysheva street. In connection with the extension during the 90-ies of XX century mansion, is a monument of wooden architecture, was dismantled and moved.