Stone two-story house is located close to a big Ekaterinburg shopping mall, between Vaynera Street (former Uspanskaya street), Malisheva Street (former Pokrovsky prospect) and Radisheva Street (former Otriasikhinskaya street).

In 1889 there was a wooden little house with banya which belonged to Blinova Ekaterina K. By 1911 the owner was bourgeois Blinov P.F. who in 1912-1916 built instead of an old house a new one, made out of stone. On the first floor were trade spaces and on the second – inhabited rooms. Over the course of its history the house was rearranged several times. Soon after the house got a new owner – Korshunov. In the house composition the eastern main façade with high roof and two decorative cupolas are especially worth our attention.

Flower wreaths, cartouches, ribbons – are its main décor elements. Flanking side gables, copestone columns, frieze and cornice, main entrance group, louvers and pilasters are all decorated with fretwork. It is particularly remarkable that this part of fretwork décor is not typical for façade décor of residential buildings of the beginning of 20 century.

Architectural model of Ekaterinburg town house, the decoration of the main façade is made with elements of modernist style.


For a long time the house was abandoned and only after its renewal in 2012 it can please the eye of the citizens and guests of the city. After the renewal there appeared an extra entrance (instead of a window) under the balcony in the left part of the building.