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Vaynera Pedestrian Street

One of the most recognizable places of Ekaterinburg which allows one to feel the creatively interwoven history and contemporary culture is the Vaynera pedestrian Street which is often called the local Arbat. In the 19th century it was the most prestigious market street in Ekaterinburg. Today, the facades are still decorated with colorful signs of cafes and shops. In 2006, the street was also decorated with amusing bronze sculptures. Some of them reflect historical facts of city life. There’s the “Bicycle Inventor Artamonov”, a “Peddler” with his tray full of sundries that reflects merchant character of the street, a “Banker” with a tightly packed briefcase in his hands in front of former State Bank building and a “Driver” in the early 20th century car. A couple of “Sweethearts” is sitting on the rail at the corner of Vaynera and Malysheva streets, their kicked off bronze shoes lay on the ground. Further down the street there is the Time Machine fountain of an unusual shape. The Berlin Bears decorated by the local artists are a gift form the German Consulate symbolizing friendship between two cities and two countries. A bronze bulldog near the Mall entrance is guarding his mistress’ box on one of the benches. In the same area there is a statue of Michael Jackson which was opened in 2011, on the anniversary of the artist’s death.


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