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Square of 1905

The Square of 1905 often becomes a center of diverse city events. Every winter it transforms into an Ice town – a favorite place of public festivities during New Year holidays. For other city festivities a stage is normally mounted here and concerts and sometimes different fairies are held here. In front of the Square there is Ekaterinburg city Administration building from which begins a pedestrian Vaynera Street. Also there are several big shopping centers within easy reach. On weekdays there is a big parking space on the Square of 1905.

In course of its existence the Square changed its name three times: Tserkovnaya (Church), Kafedralnaya (Cathedral) and Square of 1905. The square became a reflection of political and spiritual life of Ekaterinburg.

In 1774 Epiphany Cathedral was erected here. The square became a place of meetings of the city’s honored guests, the beginning of religious processions, holding of city public prayers. The Cathedral was one of the main spiritual symbols of the city comparable with Peter and Paul Cathedral of Saint Petersburg. In 1930 the Cathedral was knocked down and on its place several monuments were erected: Emperor Aleksander II, Statue of liberty, Karl Marx head, the monument to liberated labor (“Ivan naked” as the common folk used to call it), a monument to Stalin.

It was a place of departure to the front during the Civil War, then here was the first Red Army parade in honor of the city’s liberation from the White Army. Later on a granite tribune was erected here from which local leaders were greeting working classes during demonstrations.

In 1957 on the tribune a monument to Lenin was set up, of sculptor V.I. Ingal and it still can be seen on the Square of 1905.



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