Свердловская киностудия

Sverdlovsk film studio is the youngest film studio in Russia, though the best school of cameramen and cartoon animation. In 1943 Sverdlovsk film studio unified evacuated to the Urals film makers who in such a hard time encouraged national spirit and faith of victory.  

Right next year a musical comedy based on Austrian operetta “Silva” was shown. Over the entire history of Sverdlovsk film studio existence, more than 200 feature films and 500 documentaries were released. Some of them got not only the audience recognition but prizes and nominations of international and Russian cine-art competitions.

Now there are several projects active on the basis of the film studio among which are a film school and multimedia exhibitions of acknowledged artists’ life canvases.

These exhibitions look like presentation with its authors biography as well as animated display of their famous pictures accompanied by classical music. The scene is set in rooms with huge floor-to-ceiling screens which favor the spectator’s immersion and better perception of great masterpieces.

Every visitor can ask for an excursion for a more profound magic cinema understanding. Here one can try himself in a role of a make-up and wardrobe masters, to learn some computer techniques of visual effect and sound recording as well as to create his own animated cartoon.

Site Sverdlovsk film studio

Mn-Th, Sn: 11:00- 21:00
Fr-St: 11:00 - 22:00

weekday Adults - 400 r.
weekend and seebration  – 450 r.
for childre – on 50 r. cheaper