Example of Ekaterinburg residential construction of the end of the 19 century. The house has a peculiar composition based on fusion of decors taken from different stylistic sources. Architect – Dutel Y.O., a building request dates back to 1888. Stone single-story mansion is located on Chapaeva Street (former Arkhiereyskaya), a homestead and mansion premises of which were developed during late 19 – early 20 centuries.   

Facade finishing is prominent because of small-scale details – arcature cornice strings filled with stucco ornament, because of fronton dentils, architrave and panel molding, etc.; side and back facades are decorated in a more reserved fashion. Nowadays the house hosts a Center of the Middle Urals traditional folk culture.


The owner of the mansion, Mikhail Oshurkov – is one of the Oshurkovs trade dynasty representatives, famous 19 century merchants, founders of the “Oshurkovs and Poklewsky-Kozell brothers” Merchant house. He successfully worked at the City Duma, where he served as a honorary inspector of the city initial classes college, was awarded a silver medal for diligence. Besides, Mikhail Oshurkov was very interested in history and culture of the Urals, participated in the functioning of the Ural Society of Devotees of Natural Science.