The mansion consists of the main house, two side wings (the north and the south ones) and a fence. In the 19 century one of the side wings was used as a mail-dispatching office which in those times served as a cheap hotel for passing by city guests. In its rooms used to stay Decembrists on their way back home from the Siberian exile.

The spacing of the buildings and its distribution are characteristic to the mansion complexes of the Russian classicism style. Zotov-Tarasov’s mansion is a valuable example of Ekaterinburg classicism architecture. Together with Sevastyanov estate it makes an important city-planning composition, forming a view panorama of the city embankment.


In the Soviet times here used to be a teacher’s club. The mansion was recently rebuilt and now it hosts a residence of Sverdlovsk region governor. In the end of December – beginning of January a traditional Governor’s New Year is held here for children, mostly from needy families.