Utyakov’s mansion was built in 1900-ies. It is made totally out of wood and was the first residential house in Ekaterinburg which was built on reinforced concrete structures. The mansion is located on Voznesenskaya Gorka (Ascension Hill), one of the most remarkable places in Ekaterinburg. Utyakov was a mountain technician, worked in a chemistry laboratory and gave classes on assaying in Ural State Mountain University. Utyakov was a founder of refining production in the Urals. In 1903 he patented the method of separation of platinum from gold.

With the course of time the mansion was heavily injured, nevertheless now it is a well-groomed building newly restored by the Government of Sverdlovsk Region. The house and the fence are a perfect example of a residential mansion of Ekaterinburg of the beginning of the 20th century accomplished in “modern” architectural style.


In 2015 in Utyakov’s mansion a Regional branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia was opened. Now it is a comfortable meeting place of journalists and creative community, it has a conference hall, a press center with Wi-Fi access, a library, multi-purpose study rooms.