The house was built in two stages. In 1860-ies a farmer Malishev A.G. built the northern part of the house with a mezzanine and a basement. One of the oldest Ekaterinburg hotels was here, “Kazan” hotel.

In 1893 Prosvirnin M.F., the owner of a furniture manufacture, bought the whole hotel mansion.

By 1894 a southern part of the house was built and the northern one rebuilt. The building became a show room of the new owner’s furniture. In 1894-1895 a significant renovation of the main façade was accomplished as well as the inner layout of the building. In 1970-ies the external door was removed from the main entrance as well as the sun clock from the gable. In 1988 the hammered front porch with granite tile was lost.

The building is an architectural example of Ekaterinburg  apartment houses of the end of 19 century built using eclectic forms with tailored front bricks.


On the house attic there used to be placed the only sun clock in the city manufactured at one of 15 local lapidary plants.