Ekaterinburg, 8 Marta St., 21

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INPRO original gifts

Here you can always find gifts not found anywhere else. Souvenirs to remind travelers about the visit to the city as well as gifts just for fun. Suitable for friends and business partners. Serious and funny, mischievous and stylish — more than 2,500 gift options. Be sure to check them out!

15 Engelsa St.
09:00-20:00 daily


Ural Geological Museum (Nadezhda shop)

The shop on the ground floor of the Ural Geological Mu­seum offers artisan items made by the local stone-cutting masters. Here you can buy small pieces of various minerals mined in the Urals, as well as jewelry made of semiprecious and precious stones.

39 Kuybysheva St.
11:00-17:30 Wednesday — Sunday


Kamenny Sunduchok

A cozy little shop located in the heart of Ekaterinburg. Tak­ing a walk through the historic center of the city, you can step in to pick up an unusual and exclusive item. The store offers an assortment of watches, stationery, boxes, and souvenirs created by the Ural masters from original designs. The original gifts found here represent the beauty and vari­ety of minerals hidden in the depths of the Ural Mountains.
54/5 Lenina Ave.
10:00-19:00 Monday — Friday
11:00-17:00 Saturday —Sunday


Zhivoy Ogon slavic goods store

The shop specializes in items of the Slavic vedic culture. Books, amulets, clothing, various utensils, objects of worship, health products, spices and incenses, as well as thematic souvenirs.

24/8 Lenina Ave. (Krasny Leopard Gallery)
10:00-21:00 Monday — Saturday 10:00-20:00 Sunday


Yeltsin Center gift shop

The museum's gift shop offers books written by the first President, as well as books about him, mugs, T-shirts, notebooks, badges, passport covers designed to remind Ural stones. Most souvenirs are styled to remind the era of the 1990s. Every visitor will be able to find something interesting here.

3 Yeltsina St.
10:00-21:00'Tuesday — Sunday


kamennyye Veshchi

Boxes, candlesticks, vases, bowls, lamps, souvenirs made of stone. A great variety of jewelry: brooches, rings, earrings, necklaces and beads. The artisans are stone-cutters and jewelers from Ekaterinburg, Asbest, Nizhny Tagil, Perm, Chelyabinsk, and Zlatoust. The atmosphere of simplicity and harmony fills these stores, it is a little world of beauty and magic, creating a good mood and allowing one to dream a little.

103 Lenina Ave./137 Mamina-Sibiryaka St.
10:00-20:00 Monday — Friday
10:00-18:00 Saturday — Sunday


Ural Souvenir Boutique

In the historic center of Ekaterinburg, on the Red Line walk­ing route, there is a boutique of unique souvenirs and gifts from the Ural artists, authors and designers. The shop offers collectible coins, exclusive publications about the history of the Urals and Ekaterinburg, designer items made of stone, metal and bronze, wood, and linen, as well as paintings and postcards from the local photographers and artists.

1 Pervomayskaya St. /15 Gorkogo St.
10:00-21:00 Monday — Saturday
12:00-20:00 Sunday

Dom Knigi book store

The chain of stores offers a variety of books, souvenirs, magnets, with images and information about Ekaterinburg and the Urals.

12 Antona Valeka St.
10:00-20:00 daily



The store offers products of almost all traditional Russian arts and crafts, which can serve as original gifts for family or busi­ness partners, birthday or wedding gifts. Here you can find souvenirs, sculptures, gifts made of ceramics, glass, or bark, as well as pottery, paintings, jewelry, watches, and more.

10 Vaynera St. (Uspenskiy Shopping Center) 10:00-22:00 daily


The shop brought together more than 50 artists, including professional doll craftsmen, masters successfully combin­ing art with their day jobs, retirees, and people who do not work for health reasons. Only original works are presented here. Here you can pick up hand-made items to remind of Russia: crocheted dolls, decorated felt boots, warm mittens, and much more.

19 Vaynera St.
10:00-21:00 daily

Museum of Fine Arts gift shop

The museum gift shop offers various souvenirs with images of the most interesting exhibits from the museum's collections.

5 Voyevodina
11:00-20:00 Tuesday — Thursday
11:00-19:00 Friday — Sunday



The tradition to gather for a family tea around a samovar formed in Russia in the 18th century, after Peter the Great made tea a common drink in the country. Samovar quickly became an integral part of the everyday life of the Russian people. The store offers electric samovars with decorative painting, antique coal-heated samovars, kettle warmers, artisan nesting dolls, decorated trays, cup holders, coasters, and other thematic items.

7c Tsvillinga St.
10:00-19:00 Monday — Friday
10:00-16:00 Saturday


Tavolgi Ceramics

It is hard to say exactly when they began to make pottery at the village of Nizhniye Tavolgi. But to this day Tavolgi ceramics is in great demand, and local potteries are a popular tourist destination. Locally made pots, bowls, plates, cups, and other products made of clay can be purchased in this shop.

60 Chelyuskintsev St.
10:00-19:00 Monday — Friday
10:00-17:00 Saturday — Sunday


Open-air souvenir market

A compact open-air souvenir market is located in the alley near Ural Economic University. The market offers a wide selection of items made by local artists, stone-cutting mas­ters, and other artisans — magnets, ceramic plates with recognizable images of Ekaterinburg, matryoshka nesting dolls, jewels and jewelry boxes made of Ural stones, key chains, and much more.

62, 8 Marta St. (Geologicheskaya Metro Station)


Sysert Porcelain

Sysert porcelain is a local craft which preserves and de­velops the traditions of folk art of the Urals the late 19th — early 20th century. Unique mugs and cups, plates and vases, candy and salad bowls, salt and sugar holders, tea and dinner sets will nicely fit in any kitchen or dining room. Porcelain can be a wonderful gift for friends and family.

22 Lenina Ave.
10:00-20:00 daily




A specialized store with a wide range of souvenirs about Ekaterinburg: items with city symbols, gifts made of stone and bark. Make sure to find a moment to explore it!

32 Kuybysheva St.
09:00-20:00 Monday — Saturday
09:00-19:00 Sunday

Traditsii Urala

Here you can find souvenirs, items made by local artists and artisans, the most interesting things about the Urals.

9a Vaynera St.
10:00-20:00 daily


In this store you can buy souvenirs to serve as a pleasant memory of the trip to Ekaterinburg and the Urals in general. 25 Popova St.

10:00-19:00 Monday — Friday
11:00-16:00 Saturday — Sunday