Ekaterinburg, 8 Marta St., 21

+7 (343) 2222-44-5



Theatre of Ekaterinburg


Opera and Ballet Theatre

Opera and Ballet Theater is a true treasure of Ekaterinburg. It was officially opened on September 12,1912 with the produc­tion of "A Life for the Tsar" — the first Russian opera by Glinka. Since then it has been repeatedly named the best theater of the Asian part of Russia. At all times outstanding masters per­formed on its stage, many famous directors, opera performers, and conductors started their careers here. Throughout its his­tory the theater has received 9 Golden Mask awards.

46a Lenina St.
+7 (343) 350-80-57, 350-32-07



 Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic

Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic founded in 1936 was the first in the country to win the Philharmonic of the Year title. Every season the theater runs more than 2,000 concerts. The theater is especially proud of its own Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, well known to those fond of clas­sical music in Russia and abroad, as well as the unique organ of the German SAUER company, one of the largest in Russia.


38a Karla Liebknechta St.
+7 (343) 371-46-82, 371-10-77



Drama Theater

Sverdlovsk Drama Theater was opened in 1930 and from the first days presented itself as a highly professional cre­ative team, which values the best traditions of the Russian dramatic art, but is not afraid of contemporary themes. In 2010, it opened the Young Theater studio to implement on stage the newest ideas. Since 2011 the troupe also in­cludes the TantsTeatr dance company. All three creatively independent teams delight spectators with independent and joint productions. The theater's stage is often used for guest performances by well-known troupes from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

2 Oktyabrskaya Sq.
+7 (343) 371-76-17, 371-64-21, 371-72-13






young Spectators’ Theater

Ekaterinburg Young Spectators' Theater is one of the old­est and most famous professional theaters for children and youth in Russia. It was founded in the spring of 1930 as a mobile theater with a cast of 24 actors. Currently, the repertoire of the theater includes performances for all age groups. The pride of the theater is its acting troupe, touring successfully in many countries around the world.

48 Karla Liebknechta St.
+7 (343) 388-07-32 (30)



Sverdlovsk State Academic Musical Comedy Theatre 

The theater was founded in 1933 to facilitate quality rec­reation and vibrant cultural life to residents and visitors to Sverdlovsk. In 2004, it was awarded the Volkov Prize of the Russian Government for "contribution to the development of theatrical art in Russia." Over the past decade, the theat­er presented more than a dozen world premieres, and won 17 Golden Masks, the highest national theater prizes.

47 Lenina Ave.
+7 (343) 371-08-32, 253-62-19

Kolyada Theater

The theater was founded in 2001 by its artistic director, a well-known playwright and theater director NikolayKolyada, whose works are always a combination of an interesting form and profound content. Each performance of this theater is distinguished by innovative methods of depiction. The productions are full of humor and originality. Kolyada Theater attracts viewers with its special atmosphere of hospitality, it also annually hosts the Kolya-da-Plays International Theater Festival of Contemporary Drama.

97 Lenina St.
+7 (343) 359-80-22







Ekaterinburg Puppet Theatre

Founded in 1932, the theater acquired its own unique crea­tive style by working with prominent innovators in the field of puppetry art. The repertoire is made up by performanc­es of different genres for both children and adults. In 2002 the theater initiated the first Petrushka the Great Interna­tional Festival of Puppet Theaters, which is now held every two years. In 2004, the theater opened its own museum of theater puppets.

143 Mamina-Sibiryaka St.
+7 (343) 350-30-00 (05,14)







Chamber Theatre
(of the Integrated Museum of the Ural Writers)

Chamber Theater of the Integrated Museum of the Ural Writers is the only theater in Russia included in the museum complex. It was opened in 1998 to celebrate Ekaterinburg's 275th anniversary. The non-repertory theater with unique acoustics opened its first season with the "Stone Flower" based on tales by Pavel Bazhov. The theater's mission is to promote through their productions the best examples of Russian and world classical literature, preserving the national theater traditions. The city's official award ceremonies are often held here.

18 Proletarskaya St.
+7 (343)  371-96-03




Center for Contemporary Drama

A platform for experiments, where the youngest directors, playwrights and actors create a new theatrical language right in front of their audience. The theater is under the ar­tistic direction of Nikolay Kolyada.

20 Turgeneva St.,
+7 (343) 289-09-08


Ural State Variety Theatre (Variety Theatre)

Opened in 1996, Ural State Variety Theater is the only theater of this genre in Russia outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The venue regularly hosts international and Russian forums, including the International Jazz-Transit Festival and All-Russian Teenager-Jazz Festival.

15, 8 Marta St.
+7 (343) 371-15-11



The Nutckracker Municipal Ballet Theatre

Founded in 1988, The Nutcracker is the only children's theater in Russia staging full-length ballet performances based on fairy tales in own choreography. All parts with constant excellency are performed by about 200 young artists between the ages of 5 and 17. The theater has also opened a classic ballet school for children, which provides the students an opportunity to perform on stage much sooner than any other school. Second-year students already get roles, albeit small, in the theater's shows and gain invaluable stage experience.

104, 8 Marta St.
+7 (343) 282-98-00 (02, 03)




Sverdlovsk State Children’s Philharmonic Hall

The only children's philharmonic hall in the country to have its own separate building and its own concert stages. During the season, young actors give more than 200 concerts.

36, 8 Marta St.
+7 (343) 371-15-11




Actors’ House Culture Centre

Actors' House of the Sverdlovsk branch of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia is one of the cultural centers that gathers within its walls not only the theatrical community of the city and entire region, but also all fans of theatrical art. A number of creative programs function here on a regular basis, including the Open Stage Project.

Actors' House occupies a renovated historic mansion that previously belonged to a gold mine owner Stepan Tu-pikov. The mansion was built in 1890 by architect Dyutel. The estate now consists of four surviving buildings: the main house, an outbuilding, one-storey shop and warehouse, all surrounded with a fence with massive brick gate. To remind of the mansions original owners, the culture center annually holds a "New Years Show at Tupikova's" — a 19th century home style party for children during winter holidays.
08, 8 Marta St.
+7 (343) 371-56-00,

The Old House Student Theater

The Old House student theater has been working in Ural State Technical (Ural Federal University) for 50  years now. Today, the team temporarily performs on the stage of The nutcracker Municipal Ballet Theatre. 

5 Sofyi Kovalevskoy St.; 104, 8 Marta St. 
+7 (343) 375-44-94




Galyorka youth Theater Studio

Galyorka is known for its ambition and desire to keep moving forward. It is a theater with united creative team, where each member is a unique person with their own imagination, fantasy, motivation to bring joy and grow in their profession.

16/18z Dekabristov St.
+7 (343) 361-50-45


Live Theater

The main feature of this mobile music theater is only live sound and vibrant creativity. The producer and artistic director of the theater is the well-known music and theater figure "the grandfather of the Ural Rock" Alexander Pantykin.

58a Malysheva St.
+7 (343) 207-63-13


Alice Theater

The theater is staging performances for children, organizing New Years special events. In addition, there are wonderful puppet shows, play programs for children, and presentations.

21b Bardina St.
+7 (950) 63-81-900;
+7 (343) 213-63-51 219-63-51


Lingva-T Linguistic Theater

The Theater, established in Ural Federal University in 2001 performs plays by foreign authors in their original languages. All performances are accompanied by simultaneous translation.

36 Mira St.; 8, 8 Marta St. (Actors' House)

+7 (902) 585-36-30


FiM Puppet Theater

A puppet theater with its own philosophy. A unifying and positive company responding to the challenges of our time.

23 Kosmonavtov Ave.
+7 (343) 331-30-09 









     Contemporary Choreography Theater

Under one roof the theater unites two groups: the Provincial Dances Theater and Contemporary Choreography Studio. The Provincial Dances is well known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders as a unique avant-garde dance troupe, whose performances have an easily recognizable style synthesizing choreography and plastic arts.

3 Studencheskaya St.


The Yellow Square Theater

Staging and performing plays for children and adults.
Organizing theatrical events for children.

L95 Stepana Razina St.
+7 (343) 328-41-01



O.S.T. Open Studio Theater

An original chamber theater studio presenting performances tor children and adults.

62, 8 Marta St.
+7 (922) 209-94-80



SCENE Music and Drama Theater

A small theatre for the whole family with a varied repertoire.

48a Lenina Ave.
+7(343) 346-95-20

Turgenev Theater

Entertainment theater, aimed at the general public. A theater providing a feeling of comfort, convincing in its open emotions, colorful performance, naive techniques, sincerity and passion.  

49 Lenina Ave. /1 Turgeneva St.

+7 (982) 755-22-42;
+7 (912) 268-62-55

The independent theatre «TUT»

Is a team of young playwrights, directors, and actors. The theatre’s repertoire includes plays based on works written by contemporary Ural playwrights, such as «Crystal Bridge» (Khrustalniy most) by Alexei Chestnykh, «Satellites & Comets» (Sputniki & Komety) by Roman Kozyrchikov.
Performances based on the plays by Yaroslav Pulinovich “She’s a Hunchbacked” (Gorbataya) and by Ekaterina Bronnikova (“Mikolka Likhodey”) are about to go into production. 
All shows are performed in the Water Tower on the Plotinka on 4 V, Gorkogo Street,  and in the Museum of Soviet Life “Made in the USSR” on  4 Chebysheva Street, 
Tel .: + 7-999-566-39-20, + 7-916-650-05-43
https://vk.com/tuttheater, https://www.facebook.com/tuttheaterekb/